PMA Group Investigation

CREW's report on the Department of Justice investigation into convicted felon Paul Magliocchetti and lobbying firm PMA Group, Inc. Read More ›

CREW’s Most Corrupt Members of Congress

CREW’s ninth report on congressional corruption names and shames 17 members of Congress. Most of those on the list violated the law and all flagrantly ignored the rules. Since 2005, CREW has named 88 members of Congress to the list, 45 of whom are no longer in office. Read More ›

Worst Governors in America

After examining all 50 executives, CREW names the 18 governors who have turned their states into a political circus. Read More ›

Family Affair

For the 2012 Family Affair report, our research team dug into the records of ALL 435 members of the House of Representatives. After combing through finance records, reviewing spending reports, and shaking the leaves off of their family trees, we found more than half of all House members use their positions to benefit themselves or their families. Read More ›

Burned by Berman: A Special Interest PR Campaign Gone Wrong

CREW’s report details what happens when a special interest campaign goes wrong. The Indoor Tanning Association hired infamous corporate PR man Richard Berman for an aggressive campaign promoting indoor tanning and the result was an FTC investigation and a $500,000 legal bill. Read More ›

The Myth of Corporate Disclosure Exposed

Our report exposes the failure of major corporations to keep their promises on political spending disclosure. CREW compared political spending reports from 60 companies to contributions disclosed on tax forms and found significant discrepancies for more than one-third of the companies. Read More ›

Best Supporting Industry: MPAA Lobbying

We detail how the movie industry’s main trade association, the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA), is making big changes to its influence operation in hopes of regaining clout in Washington. Read More ›

Private Prisons: Bastions of Secrecy

Our research shows that while private prisons rake in millions of taxpayer dollars they are exempt from taxpayer scrutiny. Read More ›

Dark Money Debate: Responses to Arguments Against Reforming IRS Treatment of 501(c) Groups

Four years after the Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case opened the floodgates for dark money groups to influence elections, supporters of the new system are pushing arguments defending it. Here's our rebuttal to those arguments. Read More ›

Funds for Favors II: Exposing Donors’ Influence on Committee Leaders

Campaign contributions follow power, and special interests aren’t subtle about currying favor with the powerful. CREW research shows that after control of the House flipped in 2010 Democratic committee chairmen demoted to ranking members saw campaign contributions plummet from industries their committees oversee, while Republican ranking members who assumed committee chairmanships saw a corresponding increase in contributions. Read More ›

Natural Cash - Fracking Industry Contributions to Congress

The fracking boom isn’t just good for the industry, but also for congressional candidates in fracking districts. Our analysis of federal campaign data found contributions from the industry to House and Senate candidates from districts and states home to fracking activity rose by 231 percent between the 2004 and 2012 election cycles. Read More ›

Rise of the High Frequency Traders

High frequency trading, a complicated and controversial method of securities trading, has begun drawing scrutiny from government regulators, prompting skyrocketing lobbying spending and campaign contributions by the industry. Read More ›

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