December 10, 2012

Post-Election Analysis: Change the Game in Colorado

In the News

In the final days before November's election, national print and TV journalists were speculating whether Colorado would be "The Florida of 2012" or "Florida West" on election night. Why would they predict that Colorado's election management would fail? Because Colorado elections are run by an elected partisan Secretary of State: Republican Scott Gessler.

Voters and observers are skeptical of the motives behind our election administration policies. There was speculation that Secretary Gessler was seeking a partisan advantage by making it harder for Democratic-leaning voters to register when online voter registration websites and apps crashed. The Secretary also mailed out hundreds of letters to registered voters questioning their citizenship based on an incomplete and outdated federal database in the final weeks (and days) before the election. On Election Day, during media interviews about the administration of the election itself, Secretary Gessler predicted a Romney win.