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February 25, 2015

Following the Money in Politics Might Get Tougher in Colorado

Following the money in politics might become harder in Colorado. On Tuesday, the state Senate approved a bill critics claim would make political donations less transparent.

Its backers say smaller groups shouldn't be subject to the same filing requirements as larger advocacy groups, but Colorado Ethics Watch opposes Senate Bill 61 and also is taking aim at a Republican-run super-PAC.

GOP consultant’s guilty plea riles some Colorado Republicans

The Colorado Statesman (Ernest Luning) The political consultant appointed last year by the Colorado Republican Party to run its independent expenditure committee pleaded guilty last week to illegally coordinating contributions between a political action committee he ran and a campaign he managed in a 2012 congressional race in Virginia. Read More ›

A just ending in the curious case of the county commissioner

The Colorado Independent (Tessa Cheek) A few weeks ago we reported on a strange little bill, HB 1074, which would have made county commissioners (and only county commissioners) exempt from campaign finance laws that prohibit governmental entities from using public money to support or oppose ballot initiatives. Read More ›

Colorado journalists miss local angle in super PAC case

Columbia Journalism Review (Corey Hutchins) Late last week, a story rumbled across the news feeds of people who pay attention to money in politics: For the first time, federal authorities had successfully prosecuted someone for illegal coordination between a super PAC and a political campaign. Read More ›

Former Colo. GOP ‘Super PAC’ director enters a guilty plea

The Durango Herald (Peter Marcus) A Virginia-based political consultant who recently pled guilty to coordinating campaign spending between a congressional campaign and a political action committee served as the director of the Colorado Republican Party’s “Super PAC.” Read More ›

No small-town harmony for Silverton

The Durango Herald (Chase Olivarius-Mcallister) Bar comments escalate to bitter recall fight Read More ›

The curious case of the county commissioner:

The Colorado Independent (Tessa Cheek) This time last year an Elbert County Commissioner was personally fined $1,000 after the three-person commission used taxpayer dollars to promote a ballot initiative that would raise local taxes. Read More ›

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