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October 23, 2014

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners files lawsuit in campaign donor dispute

Windsor-based Second Amendment lobby Rocky Mountain Gun Owners has filed a lawsuit with the U.S. District Court in Denver in an attempt keep private donor records related to a mailer sent out before this year’s primary election.

The lawsuit against the Colorado Secretary of State and Colorado Ethics Watch also aims to stop a Nov. 6 hearing that stems from a campaign finance complaint filed by Ethics Watch, a statewide watchdog group. In early June 2014, Rocky Mountain Gun Owners sent a mass mailing to Republican primary voters in Senate Districts 19 and 22, questioning if a Republican primary candidate was anti-gun. The mailings unambiguously referred to a state candidate and were mailed or delivered within 30 days of the June 24 primary election, therefore falling into the electioneering communications window, a release from Colorado Ethics Watch stated Sept. 9 when it filed the complaint.

Pro-Gun, Anti-Abortion Groups Sue Colorado (Megan Gallegos) A gun rights group and an anti-abortion group have sued Colorado, claiming its law requiring them groups to disclose donors to their mailing campaigns is unconstitutional. Read More ›

Gun group sues Colorado Secretary of State, watchdog group

The Coloradoan (Adrian D. Garcia) Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is suing the Colorado Secretary of State after the agency requested donor records from the Windsor-based pro-gun lobbying group. Read More ›

Citizens United given go-ahead to run ads for “Rocky Mountain Heist”

The Denver Post (Joey Bunch) Citizens United, the conservative group behind the new film "Rocky Mountain Heist," can run ads promoting the movie, but still risk answering for it in court, the Colorado Secretary of State's Office said. Read More ›

Rocky Mountain Gun Owners: We’re suing Sec of State, Ethics Watch

The Colorado Independent (John Tomasic) Colorado’s rough-and-tumble politics firearm-liberty group Rocky Mountain Gun Owners is headed back to court. Read More ›

Citizens United movie-advertisers must disclose funders in Colorado

The Colorado Independent (Tessa Cheek) This week brought a win for supporters of Colorado’s campaign finance disclosure laws when the United States 10th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled Tuesday that Citizens United must tell voters who is paying for advertisements they plan to run for their election-cycle film “Rocky Mountain Heist." Read More ›

Citizens United releases trailer for “Rocky Mountain Heist”

The Denver Post (Joey Bunch) Here is your first look at “Rocky Mountain Heist,” the movie about how the political right thinks the political left took control of Colorado. Read More ›

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