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November 25, 2015

Denver tries to spur condo construction by limiting homeowner’s right to sue

Nat Stein (The Colorado Independent)- 

Monday Denver became the latest municipality to enact so-called construction defects reform. City Council approved a proposal out of the Mayor’s office that will make it harder for homeowners to file defects claims about sinking foundations, moldy walls, or leaking roofs. The rationale is that developers will build more if they’re not so scared of getting sued all the time.

Councilmember Debbie Ortega said she wasn’t thrilled with the measure, but voted “yea” because the city desperately needs more affordable housing.

Aurora councilwoman using travel money to deliver glasses to Ethiopia

Aurora City Councilwoman Molly Markert is flying to Ethiopia next week for two weeks to deliver donated eye glasses to its sister city at Aurora's expense and effectively ending her council tenure in Africa. Read More ›

Sure, Colorado has a clean reputation- but there’s still lots we don’t know

Colorado is not a state with a tradition of scandal-scarred government. Its governors don’t tumble from power in disgrace, and indictments of lawmakers and lobbyists aren’t the norm. Read More ›

Investigation finds campaign finance, ethics, open records areas where Colorado needs to improve

Colorado fared better than many states in a measure of how vulnerable to corruptible state government and officials are, but the research compiled by the Center for Public Integrity still found cause for concern - particularly with the state's laws regulating open records, campaign finance and ethics. Read More ›

Big money a factor in two Colorado Springs school board races

There was once a time when a school board election involved a couple of yard signs and some handshaking at PTA meetings. Read More ›

Plenty of secrecy in funding of District 38 school board races

The Lewis-Palmer School District 38 School Board election was particularly secretive this year, with large donors not reported on campaign filings and one secretive committee that has ties to a Colorado Republican operative who has been disciplined for political dealings. Read More ›

Wisdom from Bill Murray: Don’t bet on Colorado elections

An election over whether to raise the local sales tax here to fix potholes is over — it passed — but there was one question still lingering today about the vote. Read More ›

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