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Legal Filings
Aug 10, 2011

Ethics Watch: State Should Audit Abstinence-Only Grant Program

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This week's Westword cover story, by Andy Kopsa, reported that Denver-based WAIT Training managed to circumvent both Governor Ritter's rejection of federal abstinence-only funds and Colorado law requiring comprehensive sex education and obtain federal grant money through the Colorado State Board of Education. Westword also reported that in order to comply with state requirements regarding inclusiveness of gay and lesbian students, WAIT Training claimed that its curriculum was "vetted" by the American Psychiatric Association's Gay and Lesbian Issues Team even though the head of that team denies approving the curriculum. Moreover, WAIT Training was the only grant applicant that was also involved in the state's process of requesting federal abstinence-only funds, and WAIT Training received funding despite scoring the lowest of all Colorado applicants on the state's grant evaluation rubric.

As reported in the article, Ethics Watch believes the circumstances surrounding the WAIT Training grant should be investigated fully by the State Auditor to determine whether any improprieties occurred during the contracting process.  Ethics Watch calls on the Legislative Audit Committee to direct the State Auditor to investigate the Board of Education's handling of the grant money.