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Legal Filings
Dec 28, 2011

Colorado Ethics Watch Releases 4th Annual Ethics Roundup

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Ethics Watch, a nonpartisan, nonprofit legal watchdog group, today released Ethics Roundup: Top Ethical Failures of 2011, the organization’s fourth annual report highlighting Colorado’s public officials, agencies and municipalities who have either committed ethics violations or shown significant lack of judgment that places their behavior in the top tier of ethical failures in the state in the past year.

“Only by paying attention to the actions of our government agencies and officials, identifying ethical lapses, and shining a light on them will we be assured to have what Colorado voters have demanded – transparent and accountable public leaders,” said Luis Toro, director of Colorado Ethics Watch.

In its annual effort to round up the year in ethics in Colorado, Ethics Watch honed in on the largest controversies and qualified them as the Top Ethical Failures of 2011.  The most egregious of ethical failures took place in Adams County, in the Secretary of State’s Office, and in Colorado Springs, where multiple examples demonstrate a consistent lack of regard for ethics rules, laws and values.  The other two ethical failures – by former Jefferson County Commissioner Kevin McCasky and by an organization now called WAIT Training – shine a light on the kind of corruption and undue influence that take place in government every day.







Ethics Watch compiled the report by reviewing news reports, campaign finance records, state audits and documents, emails, and other disclosure forms. Ethics Watch’s legal experts analyzed this information for violations of state laws, regulations or ethics rules.

 Designed to bring public attention to the matter of government accountability, this is the only report of its kind in Colorado.